About Us

Our Story

MelonCloudErp got started by three friends sharing a common vision. “Revolutionize small and medium businesses and help them grow with the power of software.” While smartphones are integral part of our personal lives, businesses continue to rely on old and complicated software. Business owners still depend on others to get the latest reports and know about their finances. It is nearly impossible for them to work on their mobile and get real-time data. All of this leads to delayed decisions, loss of revenue, competitive edge, and lack of control of their own business. Keeping in mind these challenges, we built MelonCloudErp, an on-line, cloud-based App for business owners to use on their mobile, tablet, and PC. Replace your painful, on premise software with MelonCloudErp and get full control of your business that you rightfully deserve.

Our Vision

We see a world where organizations succeed globally with the power of information.

Our Mission

Deliver high-value information to organizations that help them make better and timely business decisions.